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Sound & Computer Engineer


Andrea Alemanno is a computer and sound engineer, based in Rome, Italy. He was born in Campi Salentina, a small town in the beautiful Salento peninsula, on 12 September 1983.

He approaches technology and, in particular, the world of computer during his teenage and he increases his knowledge starting a course in Computer Engineering at Salento University.

During his studies, he starts understand the groundwork of programmation and start learning different programming languages like: c, c++, java,, etc.

He starts working on websites, stand-alone and web applications, always improving and updating his technique in programming with the newest technologies, updating more and more his knowledge. He also works as a graphic designer for many years, dealing with shows, workshops, schools, and companies, and operating with the most important softwares in image editing used nowadays.

After his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering he decides to move to Rome and to continue his studies in Sound Engineering at La Sapienza University, following his love for music.

It is just this love for music that drives him to start playing bass guitar, specializing his technique for many years. He takes part to some bands which give him the opportunity to evolve as a musician. While he plays the bass guitar, he gets more and more interested in the musical universe and studies other instruments, such as guitar, piano and drums.

In addition to his musical studies, at the age of 18, he grows a new passion for dance studying ballet, modern, breakdance and hip hop. He studies for many years and he is keeping on studying New Style with Simone Ginnaneschi in Rome. He takes part to many shows and, occasionally, to workshops with some of the most famous choreographers, such as Jun Quemando, Ian Eastwood, Shaun Evaristo, Jaffar Smith, Nick DeMoura, Jillian Meyers and many others.

Andrea finished his study and took the master degree in Sound Engineering on January 2012. At the moment, he is working on the up-to-date field of research about Loudness in Broadcasting, with 2 convention papers to his credit with the Audio Engineering Society. Moreover, he collaborate with Showlab srl in realizing many tv shows in Italy.

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